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 If you are wanting to bid online, please fill out the bidder registration a week before the sale to insure you will be approved by sale day. 

April 1st, 2023 (special Female sale) Sale starts at Noon

This special back to grass female sale is held in conjunction with the regular spring female sale.  Replacement heifers, Cow/calf pairs, 3 in one packages and bred heifers.  

Early Consignors

Bookcliff Herefords, Russell - Spring Hereford Pairs-10 total.  3 four year olds, 4 five year olds, and 3 seven year olds.


Gustafson Herefords, Junction City- Herford Fall Breds and replacement heifers ; 7 head fall breds

Granzow Herefords, Herington - Hereford, Red Baldy and Black Baldy Replacement Heifers- 6- 1st calf heifer pairs BWF & RWF, 8 - 4 year old BWF pairs with calves, 7 - 3 in 1's; Black cows with BWF calves

Mickelson Herefords, Lyndon - Hereford Replacement  Heifers- 10 head


Triple R Herefords, Valley Falls - Hereford Replacement Heifers; 5 head


Tony Renollet, Sterling - Complete Dispersal Hereford Cows with Spring Red Angus sired Calves- 34 head


Broken B Herefords, Natoma - Hereford Replacement Heifers- 16 head

Shannon Creek Herefords, Olsburg - Hereford Replacement Heifers - 18 head


Wildcat Herefords, Durham - Hereford Replacement Heifers and Hereford Spring Pairs


Frank Hug & Sons, Scranton - Fall Bred Hereford and Black Baldy Cows


Dan Binder, Inman - Gelbvieh/HerefordX 3 in1 Fall Bred Hereford Cows and Calves -3 fall three in one pkgs and 2 fall bred heifers.


Oleen Brothers, Dwight - Fall Bred Hereford and Black Baldy Cows


RG Wendt Family Farms, Herington - Black and Black White Face Replacement Heifers - 12 head


RG Wendt Family Farms and Craig Granzow, Herington - Fall Bred Angus Heifers


Rafter O  Herefords; Dennis Olsen, Elgin OK- 6 fall calving Hereford heifers, bred to easy calving Red Angus Bull


Rezac Land & Livestock, Onaga- 20 Hereford first calf heifers with Black White face calves at side.


Dr. Taylor Green, Hope- 4 Red Angus replacement-quality heifers, all pre-breeding shots

Fred Traskowsky, Herington- (20) 2-3 yr old spring breds; (40) 7+ yr old spring breds, blk & Red, spring herd dispersal

David Oborney - 10 replacement-quality Red Angus heifers, all pre-breeding shots

Douthit Farms - 5 cross-bred first calf heifer pairs

Margarete Riffel - 4 first-calf heifer pairs; 7 open replacement quality heifers

Wheatland Farms - 13 running age black cows, 3-in-1; 10 black second calf pairs; 10 registered Black
Angus heifer/cow bulls.


B&D Herefords, Claflin Ks. - 20 Black/White Face ; 1st calf heifers w/calves

Larry Gruber, Hope Ks - 13 Red Angus/Black Angus; Running Age; Sired pairs.

Cevin Rose, Abilene Ks - 7 total head ; 6 - 2 1/2 yo ; 2nd calves; 1 - 3 1/2 yo ; 3rd calf; Bred 60-75 days; sired Red Angus

Landon Hinkson - 5 - Black ;1st time calf heifer pairs; pelvic measured; bangs vaccinated last spring; All calved unassisted; All Calves ( 3 heifers, 2 bulls) have been wormed; black leg; tetanus and BoviShield shots; Bull calves have been banded.


More Consignments by sale day

Will take Consignments up to sale day

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